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Corporate Yoga


Yoga in the workplace...

Why invest in yoga for your employees? Because everyone can benefit! Yoga has been proven to reduce mental fatigue & stress, boost energy, increase efficiency & productivity.

Whether it's early morning before the work day begins, a lunchtime break or after work hours - let's work together to build the right program that works for your company.

Note: Yoga mats, blocks, straps and bolsters can be provided.

Inquire below for scheduling, pricing and packages... I look forward to working with you! 


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"Courtney has been a yoga instructor with Rogers for about a year now. She is not only personable, but kind and generous. She is more than happy to help where she can and share her personal experience with Yoga and how it can help others. I can say from personal experience and never being a previous yogi that she has opened my mind and made me more open to the world of Yoga and all it has to offer. We recently took a "break" from yoga onsite with our company and once we notified the employees of Courtney's return, our participation boosted from previous sessions and the excitement for her return is load and clear. We are very fortunate to have her services with our company and couldn't be happier." - Employee Health and Wellness Specialist at Rogers Memorial Hospital