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"Courtney has been a yoga instructor with Rogers for about a year now. She is not only personable, but kind and generous. She is more than happy to help where she can and share her personal experience with Yoga and how it can help others. I can say from personal experience and never being a previous yogi that she has opened my mind and made me more open to the world of Yoga and all it has to offer. We recently took a "break" from yoga onsite with our company and once we notified the employees of Courtney's return, our participation boosted from previous sessions and the excitement for her return is load and clear. We are very fortunate to have her services with our company and couldn't be happier." - Employee Health and Wellness Specialist at Rogers Memorial


"From what I have seen of her work with our students here at Notre Dame Middle School, Courtney has a fantastic ability not only to teach the physical movements of Yoga, but also to engage young people as they come to discover the deeper meaning behind Yoga as a potential spiritual practice. She is patient, reliable, and a joy to have a part of our after school programming." - Notre Dame Middle School After School Director


"Thank you so much for a wonderful evening of yoga, wine, chocolate and community!  We enjoyed the class itself, and the camaraderie between the yogis.  Courtney, you are a fun and soulful instructor.  Keep up the good work!" - Angelique


"We are lucky to have Courtney come to our church to teach family yoga. There is no better way to teach children to honor themselves, their body, and learn that life should be fun! Courtney's classes do all these things and more. It's as much fun for the parents as it is for kids!" - Nancy

"The Yoga and Art class made me come out of my skin a little and realize that it's great to create and associate yogis and art together! It was an experience to meet new people, learn more about my creative side. To top it off, the folks were wonderful!" - Lynn
"Yoga class is really fun because Miss Courtney taught us really interesting poses, like lion's breath, cobra and eagle.  Also, you get to do a craft at the end of the classes.  My favorite part was get to do lots of fun poses during savasana and she rubbed a scented oil on our neck sometimes. I loved yoga class so much I want to do it again!" Tegan (age 7)
"We wanted to let you know how much our daughter loved your Little Yogis Yoga Class...  she would light up anytime she talked about going to yoga and tried to teach her little brother yoga as well.  We look forward to the next time you offer this class--it is so valuable to see her learning about this amazing practice at such a young age." - Rebecca
"My girls absolutely love having Courtney as their yoga teacher!  She is fun and energetic with kids yet carefully abides by the true spirit of yoga.  I love that she is a role model for my girls both on and off the mat.  I'm so grateful she shares her beautiful kind soul with my family!"  - Jill