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Customized Private Yoga


"The large group format of yoga classes at my gym wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to pursue a better understanding of the poses as well as receive personal feedback on my body alignment. I’m pleased to have found Courtney at Soul On Yoga and have worked with her on a personal training plan over the past year. Working with Courtney in private sessions has helped me calibrate what I’m feeling compared to what she is seeing. She customizes lesson plans to meet my needs, both based on her observations as well as my requests." - Dick



Whether you are seeking a break during the work day, needing assistance with alignment, recovering from an injury or addressing specific body issues, wanting overall strength and mobility, needing a stress reducer, or are not comfortable leaping into a group class (just yet)… Customized yoga is calling your name!


  • Consultation form emailed to you upon scheduling
  • Personalized attention for your goals and challenges
  • Knowledge on how to do postures and breathing practices correctly for your body
  • Flexibility to create your own schedule
  • Convenience of practicing in-home, or in the location of your choosing
  • All yoga mats and props (up to 8 persons)
  • A PDF with images and descriptions with your individualized sequence (if desired)


Courtney’s private yoga instruction consists of three or more personalized sessions in the privacy of your own home or preferred location (workplace, gym, etc). Tailored specifically to you (and your groups) needs, health, overall goals and your schedule, private yoga offers a highly customized practice.


"I have been told I move better and have a better disposition since I have been working with Courtney. Courtney adjusts the poses to my limitations. Obviously you will get out of her class what you put into it. I have never felt pressured to push further than what I can do. I feel every little bit of effort takes me a little closer to my goal. I honestly can do much more with each class. Bottom line in my humble opinion is, I wished I started doing yoga 30 years ago." - Steve


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